Version 1.0.1 Change Log
Dec 11, 2012
• New Quick Start tutorial.
• New trial mode that skips MU selection and main menu and forces the player straight into the quick start tutorial.
• Added reminder to not use the repair gun against enemy units.
• Adjusted difficulty of Mission 3.
• Adjusted all difficulty levels and added AI accuracy adjustment so the AI isn't perfectly accurate at all levels.
• Changed purchase menu to remove all unnecessary items and to speed up access.
• Added help texts to the bottom of the first 2 missions to help the player know which buttons do what.
• Completely removed light trails from the game.
• Added flash warning to the start of the game (first time only) so that players can turn off the STRACO flash in the intro sequence if desired.
• Now storing settings with Isolated Storage, game saves are still in shared storage.
• Added targeting of powerups and weapons so you can see what they are.
• Removed aim assist when targeting friendly targets unless you are healing them.
• Adjusted STRACO logo in press start screen.
• Fixed issue where the screen would flicker in the press start screen.
• Added visual notification for when the player is doing minimal damage to an enemy.
• Extended the range of flechette towers by over 50%.
• Allow player to target units outside of weapon range if the current weapon range is < 600.
• No longer limit weapon range if player is purchasing something with a range < current weapon range.

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