STRACO Episode 1

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STRACO Box Art Think you can save the world all by yourself?  Well think again!  Heavily outnumbered and out gunned, it's time for you to start dropping towers like a crazy tower dropping tower dropper!  Survive against the odds, beat back the enemy hoards, march to glorious victory, rescue the fair maiden... wait... what?  Forget that last part.

STRACO is a top down 2D twin stick shooter tower defense game (say that five times fast!) with a mission based single player campaign.  In the campaign you will fight to turn the tide in a long standing war.  Along the way the player will meet various characters and overcome varied obstacles to achieve victory.

• 6 mission single player campaign
• 4 difficulty levels
• 2 Unlockable mini games
• Tower Defense Infinite
• Survival
• High scores for campaign levels and mini games
• In depth tutorials for new players

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